The Snow Queen

I absolutely fell in love with this show!

The Snow Queen is based off the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson. The version by Ian Toner follows the story of a little girl on her quest to rescue her best friend. It takes place after “The Melting” so the world is surrounded by water and there’s never any snow or Christmas. Gerda’s best friend Kay discovers the book the Snow Queen and decides to open it, causing him to leave town to follow the Snow Queen to help her regain her power. This leads to Gerda leaving the walls of her city on an epic quest to find Kay, meeting a variety of creative characters along the way.

I absolutely loved this show. It’s clear that it was made to be children’s theater, but it didn’t feel like any sort of children’s theater I had ever seen. The characters never talked down to the audience or acted dumb for the sake of making children laugh or be entertained. The actors were so fully of energy that you were along with them from the very beginning. They were such a fantastic cast that you wanted to keep watching. Like Murder of Crows, each actor (besides Gerda) played multiple characters. Each character was incredibly different from each other. The supporting cast was just as interesting and exciting as the main cast and I absolutely loved it. The kind of performance I saw from these actors, was one that I aspire to achieve. Nothing ever faltered in their performances and they kept the audience engaged the entire time. I also enjoyed seeing John Doran, who we had seen earlier this year in the Aeneid. I really like seeing actors in multiple shows because you really get to see even more of what they can do. I thought everyone’s performance was amazing, but I was definitely excited to see a familiar face.

The show also did a very good job of incorporating a lot of topical subjects without outright shoving in the audiences face. They discussed global warming and the human condition without saying that’s what it was about. It taught children to learn to take care of the earth (to save Christmas of course) and also be kind to each other. It never felt to preachy and at first you didn’t even know that’s what they were talking about.

Again, I absolutely fell in love with this show and I wish I could get to that level of performance some day. It wasn’t super complicated or emotionally compelling, but it was definitely hard work. It was an incredible show with an incredible message and I hope I can see it again someday! It was adorable and I just loved it! Ok I’m done now lol


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