Test Dummy

Last night we were able to see another show for school. This time it was Test Dummy by Caitriona Daly and Theatre Upstairs.

It was such an interesting abstract piece of theater following the sexual history of the main character.

Usually when we see pieces like this, the character can play the victim card and give off this “woe is me” sort of vibe. This show was the opposite. It showed what this woman had experienced and how she had grown from it. The author wanted to portray a character who wasn’t just society’s views of a victim or a slut or prude, but all of them in whatever form she wanted. We got to hear her story and almost every girl in the audience heard a piece that they recognized herself in. I thought that was so important. No two people’s sexual experiences are the same, but all of them are valid in whatever way they feel.

One thing that bothered me didn’t come from the show itself, but my classmate’s reaction to the play. He said how it was victimizing and how he was tired of hearing those stories. I can understand that view and I think it’s valid, but I want to suggest one thing. It’s easy to say that sort of thing when it doesn’t really effect you. Sure, we don’t always like talking about our sexual history and how we were sexually assaulted in one form or another, but this show did it in a way that was so refreshing that it didn’t make people feel like victims. I’m not trying to make it seem like I know what’s going on in his head, but that comment definitely made me uncomfortable.

But I digress.

The show was wonderful and thought provoking and I’d really love to see it again so I could try to understand everything. Caitriona’s writing was so abstract that I got lost at times, but I would eventually find my way back. It’d definitely be easier to do that if I could hear it  a few times. All in all, a wonderful piece that talked about a familiar topic in a unique way!


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