The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire

Let me tell you a story of a girl with a dream!

At the start of this year, Danisnotonfire and amazingphil announced the dates for the TATINOF USA tour! I was in Ohio at the time attending my university. I checked the dates for the tour because surely I would be able to see two of my favorite youtubers live for the first time ever! But it was not to be! When they were in Florida (where I’m from), I was in Ohio, and when I was in Florida, they were in Ohio. I was so upset, but there was nothing to be done but continue with life.

Fast forward to last month! Dan and Phil once again announced that they were going on tour, this time in Dublin and right down the street from my school! I was sure this would be the time I’d get to see them, but again no luck. Instead of going ahead and buying the ticket, I decided to wait (like an idiot). By the time I checked again, the tickets were all sold out and there was no way for me to get one. Once again, I was upset. But I still had one last chance.

Fast forward again to last night, the day Dan and Phil came to Dublin! I got out of class, ran home, grabbed my wallet, and headed to the Olympia for one last chance of getting a ticket. I hoped that someone might cancel or be a no show, but the ticket man told me they didn’t resell tickets. “You have a better chance at finding Father Christmas than getting a ticket to this show.”

I’m pretty confident that Santa exists now.

After waiting outside the box office for 2 hours, a magical woman appeared with 1 ticket that she wanted to sell. (PS the box office guy told me about her beforehand so I knew she was legit). 37 Euros and one wasted order of chips later and I was in the theater to see TATINOF!! 3 really is my lucky number!

The show was an absolute delight! It was fun. It was goofy. It was Dan and Phil. Now it wasn’t a perfect show. To be honest it was hard to turn off my theater student brain, but I really enjoyed it. It was so impressive to see that these two goons that I had been watching develop and grow since 2007 create and put on this full length stage show!(I probably started watching closer to 2009 since I joined youtube a little after they did) You could definitely tell that they knew who their (current) audience was (young teenagers) because they geared the show towards them. I definitely applaud them for knowing their audience. I don’t think I expected much from these guys since it was their first live thing, but I was really impressed. You could definitely see the time and hard work they put into the show!

Side note: During the pre-show, they played music that I assume Dan and Phil had chosen. At one point they played Black Parade and everyone in the audience sang the opening chorus with great passion. But as soon as the verses started, the crowd was basically silent. That’s the moment I knew i was probably the oldest person in the audience who wasn’t a mom.


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