The Remains of Maisie Duggan

Wow I didn’t realize how long it had been since I last updated this. So sorry about that. I promise I’ll get back on that. London was great and Gaiety has been crazy, but I’ll post about those in another update. I wanted to talk to you all about The Remains of Maisie Duggan!

So tonight we had another theater visit (Gaiety lines up theater visits for the students throughout the semester) and we saw The Remains of Maisie Duggan at the Abbey Theater on the Peacock Stage. Honestly, this show is one of the best ones I’ve seen since coming here. It might not be #1 (Sons of Ulster holds a special place in my heart), but it was INCREDIBLE.

The story follows an Irish family when the daughter comes home from London after someone tells her that her mother has died (she hasn’t). The play follows the family as they struggle with their past and secrets begin to resurface. It was an incredibly moving story in which nothing is quite as it seems and each secret changes your view on everything.

Everything about this show enthralled me! From the acting to the set to the costumes, there wasn’t one thing that I felt was done poorly. One of the things that enticed me the most (besides all of it) was the costumes. In the beginning of the show, almost all of the characters’ clothes is covered in dirt and grime except for the daughter. Kathleen comes in clean clothes and a jacket. By the end of the show, after the tables have turned, Kathleen is down and dirty just like the rest of them and the mother, Maisie, is the one who is clean. She has been reborn in a way.

There were so many fantastic elements of the show and they all worked together to create a moving and incredible piece. The lights that resembled those of Stranger Things. The set that not only looked like a small house, but also a coffin or a bunker in some ways, covered in dirt. The fantastic story performed by amazing actors! It was such a huge step forward from the last few shows we had seen. It’s no surprise that the cast and creative team is almost entirely made up of women.

If you’re in the Dublin area, I 100% recommend checking it out. Even if you’re not, be on the look out for The Remains of Maisie Duggan by Carmel Winters.