The past 3 days

So I know I’ve missed a few days (due to assignments and writers block) so allow me to give you a brief summary of the past few days…if I can remember them.

  • Monday – Back into the fray. First day of our last week of our Fringe course. We had our Acting class. On our way back we happened to run into Ryan Cullen, a comedian who we knew from his appearances on the Facts. youtube channel. He very kindly stopped to talk to us despite our greeting being “*points* I know you!”. Later that night, after yet another disappointing show, we spent the evening at O’Shea’s for set dancing night!
  • Tuesday – After a late night of writing, I had woken up less than an hour before I had to leave for school. The most entertaining part of our class was when we had guest speakers from The Humours of Bandon and The Wickedness of Oz. They were both amazingly talented girls who told us a lot about their process for Fringe. We were given a prompt for writing a Fringe show at the end. There were a lot of great ideas. I wish we had started those sooner. It honestly felt a bit pointless to me.
  • Wednesday (today) – It’s always a great day when you wake up with 10 minutes before you have to leave for a full day of acting. We’re preparing a showcase for tomorrow (Thursday) and things finally felt like they were coming together! After an extremely long day, Lennox and I left to get ready to see Dysmorphin’ Time! starring Davey Reilly. It was a hilarious show with some very real messages weaved into it. Afterwards we spent Wine Wednesday at the Stag’s Head while we waited for Lennox’s date (aka the star of the show!). Even though I didn’t get to stick around for the pizza and some fun third wheeling, I had a great evening with my friend. I got to spend time with more people that night as well since Simone walked me home (my hero!) and my flatmates were making travel plans with some people when I came home. Even though I wasn’t part of that, it was fun to spend time with all of them.

So now you’re caught up. Tomorrow is that showcase and then we leave for London on Friday!!


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