Children of the Bog

Today we spent the day at Causey Farm.

We started by arriving at the farm and wandering around to visit all the animals. There were pigs, cows, sheep, and donkeys! I even got to milk a cow and feed a baby pig. We watched and attempted to assist in sheep herding, but that didn’t quite work out as the sheep leapt over the farmer to escape our human wall.

We then went off to learn how to make Irish Soda bread (Which was great), how to Irish dancing, and how to play the Baron (an Irish drum that I’m seriously considering learning). But nothing could compare to the last thing we did.

Near the end of the day, we got in a trailer and drove out to a nearby bog. We then were given the choice to jump into said bog, and boy did we ever! I had so much fun jumping into this mysterious mud and turf. There wasn’t anything super special about it. It was just fun to jump in with all my friends and roll around like a bunch of small children! Those of us who jumped in really bonded and became “The Bog People”! We all had a blast, that is until we had to go back to the farm and wash the bog off which proved more difficult than we anticipated.

Causey Farm was a wonderful experience and I only wish we had had time to do more! Everything felt a bit rushed, but it was still loads of fun!


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