Cooking and dancing

Writing is hard.

After a day of fun classes and getting our student IDs, we had some time before our show of the evening to have a cooking class! We learned how to cook some traditional and modern Irish dishes and it was a blast. I met a few new people and we spent 2 fun filled hours learning how to make scones, soup, and interesting deserts. It was so great and really rewarding to eat some delicious food that we made ourselves. Even though we had to rush out, it was still a wonderful opportunity!

We ran out after the class and hopped in a cab to hurry to our next event, watching The Humours of Bandon. I know I’ve said this a few times already, but this show was incredible! Another one woman show performed by an extremely talented performer. It was the story of a girl growing up in the Irish dancing community and figuring out who she’s really dancing for. The incorporation of dance into the acting was simple and done to progress the plot, but not labor the performance. It was almost more emotional to watch her dance her heart out while at the same time berating herself through the voice of another character. It was gorgeous and moving and, once again, incredibly relatable! The first show we gave a standing ovation to, if that tells you anything.


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