So after picking up the missing remnants of my life after a night on the town, I figured I wanted to do something with my day and not sit around. Thankfully, I had some people who had the same idea. So Olivia, Noelle, and I headed out for an afternoon of thrift shopping and lush before seeing our show for the evening.

I managed to get a few things I needed/wanted; sweatshirt, lighter jacket, cute clothes, headphones, etc. We had lunch out in-between shops and that was when we realized that it was Culture Night! The night we had been warned about from our acting professor (It gets crazy stupid busy with tourists). As we went to Lush (where I appreciated their musical theater names on some of the products) and Tiger (where I got new headphones!), it was getting closer to the time we needed to go to the show. I had previously thought it was at 7 (no idea why), but it turns out that it was at 6:30 so we had to book it back to our flats in order to change and leave. We made it back, changed, and rushed to the theater (adding Lennox to our party) just in time! It turns out that our reservations weren’t for that evenings performance. Apparently we were meant to be there on Sunday…so that was a disappointment and waste of my panicked energy.

I wasn’t ready to go back (I had put on nicer clothes so I didn’t just wanna go back to my flat) so we decided to eat out and buy groceries. On our way, we noticed that Christ Church was open with free admission for Culture Night so, of course, we had to go in! It was beautiful! I wish there had been less people and I could’ve walked slower, but you take what you get when there’s free admission on an extremely popular evening. We walked through the beautiful church until we found our way to the exit, through the crypt. It was a beautiful church and I would love to go back for a quieter time inside.

We then decided to stop for dinner at The Beer Market. It was great to sit and talk with just a few people instead of having a horde of us in such a tiny place. We stopped for groceries on our way back and then returned to our flats for the evening. I did some much needed cleaning and just spent a nice evening to myself.

Tomorrow is Causey Farm and jumping in bogs!


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