A Childhood Dream Come True

I don’t even know how to write about this since I’m still processing it myself.

Let’s start at the beginning.

So the day started out fairly…eh? We had a 10-5 acting class which was great, but really exhausting. After that I spent time with my flatmate before heading off to see another show, The Wickedness of Oz. It was a great, one woman show written by a GSA grad. It was funny, moving, and, as my friends put it, relatable! It was great, but it wasn’t even the best part of my night!

After the show, we were heading home when I saw a small group of people standing at an intersection. I glanced over at them, as one does, and I realized that one of them looked familiar. Even though my friends were walking away, I made a bold decision to ask the man a pretty silly question.

“Excuse me. Are you Paul Byrom?” “Yes.” and that’s the last comprehensive thing I remember.

The next few minutes of conversation were a blur as my mind ran at a million miles a second. I didn’t know where to start or what to say. Everything felt surreal. This was a man I had listened to for most of my high school career. I had fantasized about performing “That’s a Woman” with him and Ryan Kelly, I cried listening to his voice on more than one occasion, and I giggled when I watched videos of him and the other members of Celtic Thunder performing on stage. Not to mention the drawings in my notebook, the embarrassing fan fiction, and the terrible edits I made of him and the other members.


Here’s an example of an edit I made in 2010. Sorry not sorry

Paul and the other members of Celtic Thunder had seemed like the most unattainable celebrities I knew about. I never thought that I would just find him one day on the streets of Dublin!

He was such a gentleman and was very patient when I was trying to express myself to him. I’m sure I looked like a frantic child, but he was really sweet and listened to me as I rambled. He introduced me to his wife, who I feel really bad for mostly ignoring (Sorry, Dominique). She was very beautiful and offered to take a photo of us together.  After an embarrassing few moments of having to teach them how to use my phone, I finally got a beautiful picture of us together. I told him I was studying at Gaiety and he wished me luck. We hugged and then I headed back home with the few friends who patiently waited for me. I’m sure they were really tired of me talking about him by the time we got back to our flats, but I really appreciate them being their with me.

And yes…I did cry.



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