The universe always knows just what you need, sometimes you just have to give it time. Tonight the universe was looking out for me.

The day started off fairly dull. No class because our teacher couldn’t make it this Monday. So the morning/afternoon was spent at Gaiety reading By the Bog of Cats by Marina Carr. After that emotionally distressing time, we walked back and I did a little bit of shopping. The walk back definitely gave my thoughts time to catch up with me. It’s hard to be on your own in a new country with new friends. Especially when you’re not super close and you don’t know how much they actually like you. Sure it may be clear most of the time, but emotions are a funny thing an you never know when they’ll do a complete 180 on you.

So my day wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t looking that great. After a quick meeting for a group project, I spent the afternoon in my room until we went down for a special Travel Workshop with Andy Steves. Travel tips and free pizza! What more could you ask for? How about winning the raffle for a free signed copy of Andy’s book? Because I won that! It definitely took me by surprise, but I’m beyond excited to have this book! Now I’ll know all the great ins and outs of traveling through Europe!

So after that, we headed out for our second show, This Beach. Lets just say it was a very thought provoking piece. That lead to MANY confused conversations afterwards. And what better place to analyze a confusing show than a pub? Off to O’Shea’s, our new favorite local pub. Monday night also happened to be Set dancing night! What could be better than grabbing a pint of Bulmers and watching a lot of cute old Irish people dancing traditional set dances? Joining them of course! Many of the people in our group were more than happy join in. I was even invited for a set of partner dances which was so fun! If you have the chance to go to a pub and dance with old Irish men, DO IT! Even if you have no clue what you’re doing, they’ll be more than happy to teach you. I even had a chat with a German girl afterwards who was visiting Ireland! Olivia and I definitely found our new Monday night tradition.


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