Characters Seen from Flat 83 #2

When you live where the slightly sketchy part of Dublin is in your backyard, you see some pretty interesting characters. It’s like your own personal television show and just as entertaining. These were seen the other night and aren’t as many as the first post, but they’re definitely worth mentioning.

It’s the Characters Seen from Flat 83

  • At the start of the evening, we were graced with the very lovely sight of dogs playing in the dog park. We all love dogs (Don’t walk with us unless you’re willing to listen to us squeal about every dog we see). I began to take note of how the dogs were playing. It went from being playful to…kind of aggressive. The dogs seemed to be actually fighting each other, but none of the owners seemed to pay any mind. After fighting, playing, and attempting to hump each other, the dogs and their owners made their way home. The biggest plot twist was that one man owned two dogs and the other two men only had one of them.
  • I never thought I would be sexually harassed by children…and then I came to Ireland. This was the second instance of it (Feel free to ask me about the first if you’re curious). As we were watching, we noticed a group of boys coming to the dog park. We figured it was the delinquents from before, coming to vandalize more of the construction area. Thankfully it wasn’t. Just a few boys who had come to play football in the dog park. All was going well, but then they started to take of their shirts. Nothing wrong with that. It gets hot when you play football…even though it was around 60 degrees outside. But then the lads started to take of their pants as well. Getting a bit uncomfortable now. I would’ve let it slide if they didn’t proceed to hip thrust and shout at our building. That was when I decided to close the blinds and call it quits for the evening. Being harassed by 12 year olds is definitely where I draw the line.
  • Throughout the first half of the evening, I began to notice something strange happening in a building across from us. It was a large building with 3 floors of large windows. All of them were on at the start of the evening, but they really caught my attention when the second floor began to flicker. I tried to point it out to my flatmates, but they didn’t seem to see it. Another moment past and I looked over to see the entire building was dark. The lights flickered on for a moment before once again going dark. Cue the Stranger Things theme

And so concluded our evening with the Characters Seen from Flat 83. Tune in next time when we observe more mysteries and oddities that make up our home away from home.


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