Bray/Greystones Exploring

Sorry I didn’t post for the last few days. Literally nothing eventful happened until today! So here we go!

Today I finally left my flat and left Dublin (kinda). While everyone else went to Northern Ireland for the weekend, my flatmates had the idea to go to Bray to walk the cliffside path to Greystones. It was such a wonderful time with just 4 of us (myself, two of my flatmates, and another friend of ours). It started off a bit windy and rainy, but that didn’t last very long. The wind followed us from Bray to Greystones, but we made it just the same! We stuck mostly to the path, but there were a few moments where I decided to explore. For a person who hates the outdoors as much as I do, I really love exploring! Once I’m on a hill/mountain/whatever, I would be totally content to just explore and find hidden paths and climb on boulders.

Found this house where they used to charge people to go through. I climbed up the stairs to find that the whole top of the hillside was burned away! I have so many questions.

This was another mysterious pathway! It seemed to go all the way up the hill, but we stopped at a little viewing area where you could see all the way to Greystone (About 4 km away at this point).

The cliffside was nothing short of gorgeous with beautiful views everywhere you looked. We weren’t able to go to the Happy Pear (the line was way too long for any of us) so we stopped at the Baker’s table (I think) instead! Still really great and I had a kids meal because I am a child. After that we returned home for an evening of Jessica Jones, meeting with our RA, and the X Factor.

Loving every moment


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