Characters Seen from Flat 83

Alright! So remember how I said nothing exciting happened today? Lets talk about this evening.

It started when I heard a hoard of teenagers who couldn’t be bothered to recognize that people live here in Binary Hub. As I was staring at them through my window, they caught sight of a black German Shepard coming around the corner and then shouted “WOLFDOG!!!” That was when I decided to go into the common room to get a better view where I was joined by my flatmates and we began our people watching.

These are the Characters Seen from Flat 83.

  • The large group of young hooligans who needed an adult to tell them to shut up and not go to the pub since they were all clearly 12.
  • The mysterious fire which started in the construction area. No one knows how it started, but it was the rain that finished it.
  • The mysterious taxi cab which lingered in the middle of the road. It didn’t bother to park until it’s customers arrived. Some words were exchanged and they stood by the cab until all their beers were finished. Then all 5 of the drunken patrons climbed into the mysterious cab and drove off into the drunken night.
  • “I don’t know what animal just crawled under that car, but it looked like a monkey!” my flatmate Kate exclaimed. We all waited with anticipation as the identity of the monkey was revealed. What finally emerged was a small cat who made it’s way into the construction sight, despite Jasmine and Poulami’s protests. At least it had a warm fire to sit besides.
  • The wolfdog and his owner spent most of their time in the dog park behind Binary Hub. As they were leaving, Wolfdog’s owner began to take notice of the 4 curious girls staring down from flat 83. A friendly wave was exchanged with a flirtatious kiss blown from below. While it was sent with good intentions, the exchange was met with uncomfortable reactions. The pair returned to the dog park where mysterious tiny flashes began to appear. After a series of Sherlock Holmes deductions, the girls finally came to the conclusion that it was merely messages being sent to him and not far off photographs. They pair eventually set off again, this time giving longing looks up to apartment 83 until they were out of sight.
  • Being in the heart of Dublin, one is never short of drunken sightings. As a group of friends, just returned from the pub, approached Binary Hub the thought came to my flatmate Jasmine that we should rate them on their drunkness. The lad who stood in the middle of the road with his arms out was a 7 while the one who leapt in the air was definitely at 10.
  • As a car pulled down Bonham street, it was immediately apparent that he wasn’t all there. He gently swerved his way down the street until he attempted to parallel park in front of the hub. He wandered a bit aimlessly before returning to his car and moving it to parallel park in a different spot further down the road. He left his car again, lingered in front of the reception area and then disappeared. No one saw him leave, but he was nowhere to be found.
  • As we began to leave for the evening, we peaked out again to notice yet another disturbance in the hub. Down below us, there he was, the white guy with dreads in all his glory. Cargo pants and a cigarette made the disgusting look complete and a great intermission for our evening of people watching.
  • Jasmine and I returned once again for a second half of people watching. It began as fairly uneventful until we noticed a group of people in the reflection of the window across the way. They weren’t quite dressed for the sudden rain that had fallen on Dublin and were taking shelter on their way to the pub. Before they left, a member of their party left us with some final glorious words “Guys have you seen this? *dabs and slides* tss tss tss! I’m dodging the rain!”
  • When it rains, many people tend to take shelter and hide from it. But not our next character. As we looked out onto the street, we took notice of a well dressed man standing under the street light. The Rain Man didn’t seem to pay any mind to the rain as he smoked his cigarette. Eventually he returned to the reception, but didn’t seem to be in any sort of hurry.
  • A black car rolled up to the front of Binary Hub. Besides being nearly side swiped by a similar car, it didn’t seem that odd. Two men exited the reception area and made their way over to the car. When the doors open, we could see that there was another passenger already inside. Only one of the men entered the car while the other began taking photographs. He took a few of the interior of the car and then the exterior. After the photographs were taken, both men exited the car and returned to the reception area and the car drove away. Who was that mysterious passenger? Why were they taking photographs? This event left us with more unanswered questions than any other.
  • While this next piece isn’t about a character, it definitely left us with many unanswered questions. Throughout the second half of our viewing, a mysterious green laser began to make multiple appearances. It was first seen on the pavement in front of the dog park. Next was on a yellow box seen in the reflection of the window across from us. The origin of the green laser is still unknown to this moment. It has yet to make another appearance.
  • Many people come and go in the binary hub. Some live here while others are only passing through. While we were seated in our common area, we took notice of new neighbors moving in across the way. One does not usually see two men moving into the same room. Perhaps they were lovers settling in for the night. Maybe they were brothers saving money by sharing a space. Or maybe they were just good friends helping each other unpack. They hadn’t yet bothered to close the blinds so we had full room to wonder. As the night went on, we would occasionally glance to see their progress, but that would soon turn for the worst. With one fateful glance, I would change the dynamic of these two flats forever. As I looked on, wondering what the relationship of the two men in the flat were, one of them caught my eye. In my mind I told myself to smile or wave, but those thoughts never reached my body. The man quickly drew the curtains back and our connection was lost. After a moment of laughter from the awkward interaction, we returned to observing the people below. Many moments past until Jasmine brought the flat to my attention once again. Instead of the curtains being reopened, the dark shape of a head was sticking through the curtains. We quickly closed our own curtains in horror of our own game being turned on us. It was a while before the head finally returned inside the flat and stopped peaking through the curtains. The bodiless horseman may yet again return, but not this night…hopefully.
  • And to close off the evening, besides the rickshaw driver having a chat with his passenger, we had Rizzo and Kenickie. They had spent a few moments outside the flats before we took notice of them. While Kenickie seemed preoccupied, Rizzo was more than dtf. She followed him like a lost puppy as he waited on someone in the flats to help him inside. Whenever she was close enough, she would latch onto him like a leech. Her mouth only left his neck when he was too far away. Eventually he disappeared into reception for a brief moment and it became clear just how drunk this girl was. Kenickie didn’t seem to pay any mind to her as he went about his business, only seeming to pay attention after it was all settled. Even when they were getting into the cab, he let himself in first before she followed suit. The only time they were both on the same dtf train was in the brief moments when they were waiting for the cab. Leaning against the wall, eating each others faces like they hadn’t had a meal in days. Eventually Rizzo followed the man who didn’t deserve her into the cab and they disappeared into the night.

And so concluded our evening with the Characters Seen from Flat 83. Tune in next time when we observe more mysteries and oddities that make up our home away from home.


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