Street Performers

So today was basically a repeat of yesterday. Started off kind of late and basically did the same things as before. We went out to some of the local shops and I, sadly, didn’t get to go to any museums. 😦 But we got to explore more of the cool shops and I got another book, The Book of Lost Things!

One great thing that did happen was that we got to see some great street performers today! They’re pretty common on Grafton street, but this one was particularly special. Sadly I can’t upload the video, but he was singing Fast Car when we came out of the pub where we had lunch/dinner! I was so surprised and excited that I quickly took out my phone and filmed his performance in honor of my Denison Theater family! He even got 3 euro and he thanked me (He hadn’t thanked anyone else ;))))))) You can check out his performance of Fast Car here ->

The day ended with a nice evening of food, wine, and conversation, but that performance was definitely the highlight.

Tomorrow I start my Gaiety training! Get excited!!


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