From Dublin with Love

Today was a late day, but not a lazy one. My flatmates and I didn’t wake up until around 12, which was lovely after having to wake up around 8 every day for orientation. Today was a day for exploring! We had a few ideas for the day; Go shopping, go to museums, see Billy Elliot, but plans don’t always go the way you plan.

Once we all had finally woken up from our night out, we decided that we were going to do a little shopping for the afternoon. We left the flat, gathered a few more friends, and headed out in the light rain.

Our goal was Penneys, a local store with “Amazing fashion, amazing prices”, but on the way we happened to find my new favorite store.


Sub-City Comics! (aka my new home!)

So we moved on from Sub-City (goodbye, my love) and moved on to Penneys where I got a great shirt and a water bottle! (cause that’s why you go to clothing shops right?)

Most of us were pretty hungry by this point so we stopped for some cheeky nandos!


The next leg of our adventure was spent exploring the local book stores! We went by two different shops and I ended up buying an Irish classic (at least that’s what the display said), In a Glass Darkly! The shop closed pretty soon after we got there (everything closes around 6 here) so we headed by the grocery store and then went home.

I wanted to try and see Billy Elliot that evening, but with the amount of time it took for us to walk around and shop, I knew that wouldn’t happen. But I got to organize my flat and put up some decorations that I had been meaning to put up for a while. So all’s well that ends well and we had a great day!


My haul from today (not including the groceries)


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